Dress Code

Mathson Institute of Technology students positively identify themselves through,


Boys and girls must wear the following to school:

Shirts: White, Black or Gray solid with collar, button-front polo. Polo shirts must be appropriately sized – shirts that do not cover the waist or are baggy are not considered appropriate.

  • Undershirts must be white, gray, or black without sports teams or large logos, and worn under the polo shirt. 
  • Undershirts must be tucked in.

Sweatshirts, Sweaters, and Jackets: Black, white, or grey solid color with no sports teams or large logos except Lee Mathson Middle School or M.I.T.

  • Must wear uniform shirt underneath
  • Hoods not worn in class

Pants/Shorts: Black cotton twill, Dockers, or Dickies.   NO jeans or stretch pants are allowed.

  • No sweatpants or pajamas (these items are also inappropriate on Free Dress Days).
  • Must be hemmed
  • Worn with belt at natural waistline
  • "Baggies” or “sagging” not allowed
  • Shorts no shorter than two (2) inches above the knee

Skirts: Black, pleated twill only

  • No shorter than two (2) finger widths above the knee

Belts, Socks, Hair Ties, Backpacks, Purses, Binders, Notebooks, and Shoes (or part of shoes):

  • Shoes may be black, white, grey, or brown
  • Slippers and flip-flops are not appropriate for use at school
  • Shoelaces, socks, and belts may be black, grey, or white only
  • Hair ties and scrunchies may be black, white, or grey only
  • Belt buckles must be plain – no initials or numbers
  • No chains on clothing
  • No spiked jewelry, no excessive jewelry (very large earrings, piercings)

NO hats, caps, or beanies allowed at Mathson unless they have the Mathson logo. If they do have the Mathson logo, they can not be worn in the classroom.

NO red, maroon, or any shades of blue allowed at Mathson.

NO rubber bands allowed on clothing.



Some examples of clothing inappropriate at Mathson

(Including Free Dress Days, field trips, school-sponsored functions, etc.)

Clothing that:     
-- is too large or too small  -- is worn below the natural waistline    -- exposes undergarments  
 -- shows midriff or back -- is low-cut or off the shoulder   -- is red, maroon, or blue
-- bike shorts or spandex  -- has inappropriate messages      -- covers the head  
-- extreme make-up or hair dye   -- spaghetti straps or tube tops   -- shorter than 2 fingers above knee 



Any item(s) confiscated by the administration will not be returned to the student unless a parent or guardian comes to the school.